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Lesson Plans for Educators

Elemental is committed to educating the world about recycling and the benefits of using recycled materials.

Elemental is committed to educating the world about recycling and the benefits of using recycled materials. We are especially committed to educating the youth of America about recycling and the impacts of consumer choice. We are pleased to offer the following lesson plans free to teachers around the country (and the world). Over time, we will expand these resources. We also will invest to bring specialists into schools to help bring this material alive for students. If you have ideas or want to partner with us, please contact us at educators@elementalproducts.com.

A message to teachers interested in introducing students to recycling.

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Grades K-2

Module 1: I Stink! Trash Talk


A look at the general waste stream, and identifying what can be removed as recyclable waste.

Module 2: Paper Parlay The Life Cycle of Recycled Paper

An introduction to the process of paper making, and the process of recycled paper.

Module 3: Composting with Paper

An introduction to the practice of composting and how this might be achieved in the classroom

Module 4: Recycled Paper Clay Sculpture Project

Creating sculpture using the medium of paper clay and the pulping process.

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Grades 3-8

Module 1: Trash Talk - A Trash Audit

Examining the general waste stream, identifying what can be removed as recyclable waste, and discerning what as a consumer the choices we should be weighing environmentally when we make purchases.

Module 2: Paper Parlay, The Life Cycle of Toilet Paper

An in-depth exploration of the life cycle of paper after it is flushed and construction project to design the best water filter system.

Module 3: Worms; Nature’s Recyclers

An introduction to worms and their roles as primary natural recyclers or composters

Module 4: Recycled Paper Company

A review of the recycled paper process steps. Students will form “companies” and create recycled paper from classroom materials charting their process and budget as they go. They will sell their material on a paper market and debrief afterwards about the business positives and negatives.

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Grades 9-12

Module 1: Landfill Construction


A brief overview of the general waste stream vs. recyclable waste stream. A discussion and exploration covering the economic, engineering, and environmental impact our consumer choices have when material only has one end--the landfill.

Module 2: Septic Bacteria Lab


An student developed longitudinal experiment and lab study a variety of lab equipment and techniques, covering an introduction to the bacteria that are used in waste management facilities and their role in the overall health of a habitat.

Module 3: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Research Paper

A comprehensive exploration of the consequences of human impact on an environment and the engineering solution that are provided to course correct.

Module 4: A Brief History of Paper Project: Debate

A historical look at the rise of paper (Egypt, China, and Western Europe) and its disposal in ancient cultures. A debate forum is best to discuss and chart why certain civilizations refrained from paper use.

A message to teachers interested in introducing students to recycling.

Today’s educators are often asked to accomplish the impossible. So many of the topics we cherish--like recycling and sustainable practices--those same topics we know would inspire our students, cannot be prioritized in a daily schedule that can be unforgiving and inflexible to anything outside the core curriculum.

Here Elemental takes up the challenge to accommodate teachers by providing you with field-tested, project-based, national (NGS) standard lessons that cover the basics of sustainability in just four lessons. Our curriculum includes the background knowledge and lexicon teachers require to root their recycling pedagogy in research and experience.

Teach them together as a unit or piecemeal--as a Science or Language Art lesson. The connections you will find are endless.

With confident teachers and well-informed students, the future looks as bright as our ply.


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