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Elemental has suspended toilet paper sales. Read more on our blog here.

Our Values

Impact: Great products for you and the world
Simple: Buy household products conveniently
Delightful: Joyful, everyday products
Quality: Intentionally and sustainably designed

Elemental is committed to making products that are great for both you and the world around you.

Our Story

Elemental was founded to educate the world about recycling and promote using recycled products in our everyday lives. As we researched the recycling industry, 2 facts stood out to us:

  • Only a small percentage of waste that can be recycled is recycled.
  • It’s not economically advantageous for companies to invest in using more recycled input in their products.

We started looking at household products and realized most can be made from recycled material. But, products made from recycled material today generally are not well made, are inconvenient to buy, and lack a sense of style. We wanted something better.

As we grow our business, we are committed to giving back. A percentage of every sale will go to (a) educating kids about the benefits of recycling and (b) preserving land for everyone to enjoy. Buying toilet paper is a small choice, but many small choices toward a more sustainable world make a big impact. By making great products from recycled materials, promoting recycling and the use of recycled products and using our business to support like minded causes, Elemental will do its part help us all help our planet.

Steve Poleskey, Founder

Prior to founding Elemental, Steve held various management positions at Google in California and Germany. He began his career as a submarine officer in the US Navy and has a degree in engineering from Penn State with a Masters Degree in Business Administration from New York University. He lives in Tennessee with his wife and two small boys. Steve loves to hike and his favorite hikes include a 10 day backpacking trip through Glacier National Park and backcountry camping in the Emigrant Wilderness in Northern California.

Stephanie Roach, Recycling Educator

Before joining the Elemental team, Stephanie served as the educational director and community outreach coordinator for a local recycling facility in Middle Tennessee. She started her career as an elementary school teacher with a BA from Rhodes College in Political Science & Greek and Roman Studies and a Masters in Education from Trinity University in Washington, D.C. She is a Tennessee native who lives with her husband and two slightly bigger boys in the Volunteer State as well. Also with a passion for hiking, her favorite hikes include Bandelier National Park, Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes, and Sequoia National in CA.

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