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Elemental's Top 10 Sustainable Gift List

Happy America Recycles Day! It's been a busy week for us with Steve appearing on Chattanooga’s WDEF (CBS) (link) Knoxville’s WATE (ABC) (today @ 3 EST) and me on Nashville’s WTVF (CBS) (link) all discussing recycling and the efforts of our young company. As a company devoted to promoting recycling and the use of recycled materials, today officially kicks off our holiday season.

After this, Thanksgiving is nearly here. For me, that means family, feasting, and the forgone conclusion of stretch pants. But that’s not the only thing I am stretching out. I have been prepping all 10  fingers with tap reps on this computer for those high holidays of shopping!

Kicking off with Black Friday and the subsequent Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Give Back Tuesday, I observe these holiest of holy commercial celebrations from the comfort of my couch and with my trusty computer. No midnight mad dash down the aisles for me.

Shopping the holidays is hectic to be sure! As you go through your gift list for the holidays, we we hope to make "shopping sustainable" as easy as an Elemental subscription. Steve and I offer the compliments of the season with our TOP 10 Sustainable Gift List. This compiled list showcases our favorite green lean gift ideas.

Some you know to be tried and true green machines; others are new-comers like ourselves. We are proud to spotlight the extraordinary companies who conscientiously manufacture their goods with as much attention and detail as Elemental.

We know you will find something for everyone on that holiday list that will make you feel warm and bright. And best of all, allow you to give the best gift to your nearest and dearest--a well-tended planet!

For your favorite sustainably-forward fashionista

  • 1) Rothy’s Shoes

  • Based in San Francisco, dream-team eco-duo Roth Martin and Steve Hawthornewaite, launched Rothy’s in 2012 after life as commodity brokers, biotech mavericks, and lawyering. Rothy’s mission is to bridge the gap between sustainability and style with beautifully designed and oh-so-comfy women’s and kids’ shoewear crafted from single use water bottles. These guys are who Steve and I aspire to be when we grow up. They say I am given to hyperbole, but right now, these amber herringbone pointy flats are my everything. https://rothys.com

    Rothy's Shoes

    2) Patagonia Fleece Sweatshirts

    The original in sustainable trendsetters, Patagonia never ceases to surprise and refresh. Sourcing their polyester material from recycled soda bottles to repurposed old Patagonia sweaters since 2005, these sweaters look as good as the positive impact they make on waste reduction. https://www.patagonia.com/home/

    3) The Reformation Aussie Jacket

    The Reformation’s tagline is the fabric is the magic, and I am a believer! Choosing the most sustainable materials and repurposing old vintage to rehab into something good enough for royalty to wear is what they were born to do. HRH, The Duchess of Sussex chose to showcase this particular brand during she and Harry’s latest jaunt to Australia and New Zealand. The Reformation IS the the revolution in fashion. https://www.thereformation.com

    4) Baseballism Vintage Chocolate Handbags

    Repurposing old baseball gloves into gorgeous handbags takes upcycling upscale! Even if you are not a baseball mom, you can support the team, the Earth, and utter good taste with these offerings. This vintage chocolate handbag looks good as new. https://www.baseballism.com

    For that Pamper-Happy Elf, or a modern day Mrs. Claus. She wants to Look Good AND Feel Good

    5) Little Seed Farm Jackalope Soap

    These guys are the real deal, the little sustainable engine that could. Think picturesque TN farm, charming goats and guinea fowl, and everything intentionally produced. Right down to the solar power panels that run the whole operation. Their goat milk soaps are a living legend. Check out their product line for men. No one’s thirsty skin is overlooked with these pampering derma treats. Good enough to drink, er...um I mean bathe with. https://littleseedfarm.com

    6) RMS Beauty Wild With Desire Lipstick

    With a CEO committed to using only the best natural materials as well as minimal packaging, you can rest assured your lips and the waste this product may generate have all been thought through carefully. The pigments are purposely non-toxic and glide on like chapstick, but can last the night. You can find the full line of RMS beauty on Credo’s website, a marketplace for sustainably-sourced and produced beauty products. https://www.rmsbeauty.com


    7) Aveda

    This well-weathered company is the gold-standard for sustainably-sourced packaging in beauty. I should know, Aveda shampoo bottles remain my favorite showertime reading. Their product range and mission are both long in scope as the eco-friendly arm of Estee Lauder. With such a trusted name beauty brand for a parent company, no wonder the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. https://www.aveda.com

    Toys for good boys and girls

    8) Sprout Wishbone Mini Flip

    Thoughtfully crafted from reclaimed and reforested wood, and incredibly engineered. These sturdy toys are made to tempt the imagination and outlast something with far more plastic packaging. Perfect for that adventurous toddler. https://www.sproutsanfrancisco.com/wishbone-mini-flip


    9) Begin Again Toys Hide & Seek Puzzle

    From the minute you visit BeginAgain Toys website, you know they care. Sourcing all their toys from organic materials like sustainably-harvest rubber and plant-based plastics, this toy producer is a green-lean hit. Kids of all ages can enjoy the Hide & Seek Puzzle that plays like a wild goose chase, along with the iconic John Deere dump truck. https://www.beginagaintoys.com/games/dont-dump-dumpty-numbers-game-hj369


    10) Green Toys

    Creating quality, durable toys and children’s plateware and utensils from mainly recycled milk jugs is their passion. Green Toys thought of it first, and no one does it better. Other material like polyproplyene from yogurt cups and LDPE or film are often used in their products too, meaning not all of those pesky plastic grocery bags are destined for the landfill or worse yet the ocean. Everything about Green Toys warms a green heart! Check out this new ambulance and doctor role play set. I also really love their jump rope and Neighborhood Maker Set as stocking stuffers. http://greentoys.com


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